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“Organize and Grow

Your Business

for Success:”

A 6 month Transformational Life Coaching Package

Package Elements:

  • 1 – “Where am I Now?” Exploratory Session - Getting Bg Clarity on Where You Are and Declaring Where You Want to Go
  • 1 -“Let’s Get Going with this Business of Mine” Strategy Session—Setting up for Powerful Results. In our work together we include reviewing and/or creating a business mission and values and a business plan unlike any other you may have done in the past. We will work together to combine your personal values with your business values so that your life is authentic in every area.
  • 10 – 50 minute “Organize and Grow Your Business for Success” One-on-One, Face-to-Face Sessions (2 per month in-person or Skype) –Personalized for you as you build confidence and momentum, creating consistent successful experiences while you’re overcoming old obstacles and challenge. This is where transformation takes place.
  • Assessments and Handouts for exercises and discovery each month—keeps you in powerful forward action as you work through the Transformational Business Coaching Program steps
  • Unlimited email access to me throughout the Package term—for questions and clarification
  • 2 - “Help Me Keep Going” pre-scheduled 10 minute check-in calls per month
  • “Follow Your Path to a Positive, Fulfilling, Successful Business” personalized Assignments to practice implementing your business decisions and goals and life-enhancing skills
  • Email Summary and “Your next 2 Weeks Goals” from each session
  • Extensive ongoing training and hands-on practice with powerfully proven, amazingly effective techniques and business tools for staying intentional and building unshakable consistency and success. At the end of this program, you’ll be so practiced with these tools that you’ll easily be able to use them for creating other big shifts in your life.
  • Bonus: Your choice of 1 Complimentary 50 minute session with a Purpose Coach or a Massage Therapist (whew! you wlll have done a lot of work and need a break!)

  • My Experience and Expertise, bringing 36 years of business ownership and management, 41 years of insightful experience in marriage while owning and running a small business, 36 years of parenting my 10 children while running a business, and professional transformational life coach training and teaching, expertly guiding you and compassionately encouraging you toward confident business growth, and powerful personal change, to create the business and life you want. 

CALL 864-346-6673 or

Email [email protected]

to begin your journey of 

organizing and growing your business

for success

and transforming into the person

you've always dreamed you could be.