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Darla Thompson, CTLC, ACC


Do you have changes going on

in your life

and need clarity, a plan,

and a method of getting there?

Do you need someone who has your back

and encourages you

every step of the way? 

Interested in receiving Life Coaching?

"Discover, Transform, Design,

and Grow"

In this course you will bring out the

someone you've always wanted to be or

discover a new you that you never thought possible.


Do you want a fulfilling relationship with your teen?

Do you want to be able to communicate without arguing?

Do you want your teen

to come to YOU for advice?

Sound too good to be true?

It's not.

You can have the relationship

with your teen

that you have always dreamed of.

Sign up for

"Make Peace With Your Teen:

A Proven System of Parenting

That Works!"

A six month premium parenting system

designed for success

OR try

"Peace in Your Home"

One jam-packed day of parent training

designed to jump start big change


for the small business man or woman

just getting started in business

for someone who has become

lost in business

and are losing your family,

or for a business owner who feels they are losing control

of their operation and

need to make some changes

for sustaining or growing your business.

We will work together to

"Organize and Grow Your Business

for Success "

while not only keeping your

personal life intact

but also flourishing.

Darla Thompson,

Certified Transformational Life Coach,

Parent Coach and Small Business Coach

find out more about my

Premium Coaching packages

Call 864-346-6673 or email

[email protected]

to begin your journey.