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“Make Peace with Your Teen: A Proven System of Parenting that Works”

Are you ‘tearing your hair out’? Wringing your hands? Are you becoming the person you never thought you would be in the parent role? Even if your teen is threatening to run away or worse, there’s a lot you can do to turn things around. 

Help is on the way. Take a deep breath. We know this is the most difficult time in your parenting.

By working with me, not only will you have a plan to make peace with your teen, you will know what to do every day to regain that loving feeling you thought you lost forever.

With a coach by your side, you will be gently guided through a proven process to support you in releasing the fears, pain, disappointment, and guilt of the past and led to creating a mutually respectful and loving relationship with your teen.

The“Make Peace With Your Teen” 6 month Premium Parenting System will show exactly what it takes to improve your relationship, including:

  • Learn the 5 Foundations of Parenting to understand your basic goals.
  • · Acquire effective communication skills you’ll need to recreate your relationship.
  • · How to keep loving when your teen is saying “Stay out of my life.”
  • · How you can communicate your frustrations and upsets without hurting your teen’s personal growth and without negatively impacting your relationship.
  • · Develop deep transformational change in yourself giving you the confidence and ability to overcome obstacles in other areas of your life. 

This highly supportive training gives you:

  •    1 –“What Happened to My Sweet Child?” Exploratory Session" -- Getting Big Clarity on Where You Are and Declaring Where You Want to Go
  • 1 -“Puzzle Pieces to Peace” Strategy Session"—Setting up for Powerful Results
  • 10 – 50 minute “Putting the Pieces Together” One-on-One, Face-to-Face Sessions (2 per month in-person or Skype) – Personalized for you as you build confidence and momentum, creating consistent successful experiences while you’re overcoming old obstacles and challenges
  • Assessments and Handouts for exercises and discovery each session, keeping you in powerful forward action as you work through the Program steps
  • Unlimited email access to me throughout the Package term for questions and clarification
  • 2 -“Help Me Keep Going” 10 minute check-in calls per month
  • “Follow Your Path to Peace” personalized Assignments to practice your new parenting skills
  • Email Summary and “Your next 2 Weeks Goals”from each session
  • Extensive ongoing training and hands-on practice with powerfully proven, amazingly effective techniques and tools for staying intentional and building unshakable consistency. At the end of this program, you’ll be so practiced with these tools that you’ll easily be able to use them for creating other big shifts in your life.
  • BONUS: 1 Complimentary 50 minute session with your choice of either a Couples Coach or a Purpose Coach

  My Experience and Expertise, bringing 37 years of insightful experience while parenting my own 10 children, including 24 years of parenting teens, 37 years of business ownership and management, and professional life coach training and teaching, to expertly guide you and compassionately encourage you toward powerful personal change, to help you to create peace in your relationship with your teen(s).

CALL 864-346-6673 or

Email [email protected]

to begin your journey to bring peace to

your home.