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“Peace In Your Home”

In-Home Jump Start Package

Do you struggle with the same arguments and repeated negative events with your teens? Do you feel you’ve tried everything? Are you “at your wits end” at knowing what to do to change the cycle?

Take a deep breath. Help is on the way.

The puzzle pieces to peace can be put together into a beautiful portrait of family peace and joy!

Spend the day with Internationally Certified Transformational Life Coach and Parent Coach, Darla Thompson. I will come to your home at your busiest or your most challenging part of your day that you choose. I will observe the activities and patterns of each family member, especially taking note of your parenting style. A conversation with your teen(s) can be conducted (if you and your teen are willing) to find out, in a safe setting, what he/she/they would like to see changed in their relationships at home.  

A written evaluation that we will go over together within two weeks of the visit along with my recommendations in our “Putting the Pieces Together” strategy session designed to help you begin to create the loving, mutually respectful relationship that you want with your teen(s).

After one month of putting your training into practice, we will meet again over a wonderful lunch (included in your program cost) at a restaurant in your local area to follow up on your progress and decide on your next steps. Peace in your home can become reality!!

Package Elements:

  •    Up to 3 hour in-house "Mouse in your House" visit with Certified Transformational Life Coach and Parent Coach, Darla Thompson, CTLC, ACC
  • “Puzzle Pieces to Peace” written evaluation of visit
  • Personalized “Steps To Peace” recommendations of steps you can begin now to improve your relationship based on VIP Day Assessment
  • 1 – 50 minute “Putting the Pieces Together” strategy session

         My Experience and Expertise, bringing 41 years of marriage, 36 years of insightful experience while parenting my own 10 children, including 23 years of parenting teens, 36 years of business ownership and management, and professional life coach training and teaching, to expertly guide you and compassionately encourage you toward powerful personal change, to help you to create peace in your relationship with your teen(s). (Value $Priceless)

BONUS: Lunch Follow up Session

BONUS: Conversation with teen(s), “What Would You Like to See Change in Your Family?” 

CALL 864-346-6673 or

Email [email protected]

to begin your journey to bring peace to

your home.